Associating Comments to a Shape

Draw two shapes for example, two UML classes. Select the first one.

Select the Tab Comments on the bottom of the Modeling View and enter your comments.

Go back to the Modeling View. Select the second class. Click Comments. Enter your comments.

The comments can be also modified in the Property Grid but it’s not easy.

Adding a Connector between two shapes

Draw two shapes on the Modeling view. Select the Ribbon pane named features:

Select a connector by clicking on an item. Go to the Modeling View. Make a single click inside the first shape and drag to the second shape. Try to locate a round corner or a center point. It will be highlighted for some connectors (lines). You can connect by releasing the mouse button.

You can rearrange your connectors by selecting it and moving it to another anchor corner or go to the Property Grid and select a property:

For most settings, the Property Grid can modify it.

Adding various shapes with Shapes Explorer

Using the Dockable Pane Shapes Explorer, you can add whatever shape you want to your diagram. Just click a shape in the treeview and make a right mouse click, and choose the add functionality you want: top left or center.

Make a right mouse click on an item:

Click on one of the functions and the shape appears on the Modeling view.

The Ribbon – Infrastructure Shapes

To add an IT Infrastructure Shape, just click on the Infrastructure in the Ribbon and click on an item. Go to the Modeling View and then, click and release. The shape is auto displayed. By default, the size of the shape is locked. If you want to resize it, you need to set the fixed image properties to false in the Property Grid.

The shape is selected when the mouse is released.

The Ribbon – Text Box Shapes

To insert a Text Box shape, just click on one item, depending on the way you want the text to be aligned.

On the Modeling view, click, drag and release.

With Text Box, when the selection is highlighted, you can type text on the keyboard, it just works. If you want another way to update the text, just make a double click on it.

Just update the text and click on OK.

The Ribbon – Office Shapes

You can add an Office like shape to your diagram.

Warning in BETA2: All shapes are not implemented yet.

To add a shape, just click on one item, and go to the modeling view, click on a point and drag your mouse to draw a rectangle while keeping the left mouse clicked. Release the left click and that’s done. Then you can click on your shape and move it, resize it on selecting rectangles draw trackers.